10 Mistakes That Every First Time Travellers Should Avoid

You are excited and bubbling full of energy to take your first major trip along with your companion or friends. Gearing up for the first journey is an amazing feeling which is cherished for the lifetime. But, calm down and be cautious. The first time travellers are prone to some common mistakes. Here is a write-up especially for you, so that you can avoid the 10 common mistakes.

  1. Not Buying Travel Insurance

Some of you feel travel insurance is a complete wastage of money. But, trust us, you are certainly mistaken. There are so many unforeseen things that may happen to you prior or during the trip. You may have to cancel the trip due to some emergency back home. There are chances of you falling sick during the tour. The travel insurance covers the cancellation charges, medical expenses and hospitalisation charges during the tour. It is always a good idea to buy travel insurance especially when you are travelling for the first time on an overseas trip.

  1. Over Packing

This is one common mistake which many of you do while travelling for the first time. You go crazy while packing your bags, and tempt to carry outfits for every occasion. In this way, you not only make your luggage heavy and cumbersome to manage, in many cases you end up paying a heavy fine at the airport for exceeding the prescribed luggage limit.

  1. Not Packing Enough White T-shirt

The white t shirts are considered the best travel partner by the regular travellers. You can team up this comfortable outfit with your jeans, chinos, shorts. They look great on the beach as well as during travelling. You can pack compactly with the white t-shirts. Some of you forget to carry them and end up over packing your luggage with other outfits. Log in to the websites of Bawakoof, Lee, Levis, etc to check out some cool, trendy white t-shirts.

  1. Not Booking Enough Time in Between Flights

These days the flight timings are totally unpredictable in most of the airports due to air congestions or bad weather conditions. In many cases, the travellers have missed their connecting flight due to less time-gap between the flights. So, always keep at least 3-4 hours gap between two connecting flight so that you do not miss them even if one gets delayed.

  1. Not Having Enough Local Currency

The local currency is very important to buy all the necessary items like mineral water, dry foods, phone calling card, cab rides, etc in the holiday destination. Cash is considered the king when you travel abroad. If you miss stacking enough cash in the local currency then it may become difficult for you to buy necessary commodities.

  1. Drinking Bad Water

If you decide to save some bucks drinking the normal water served by the hotel it would definitely be a very bad idea. You may end up falling sick in a distant land. Always buy mineral water of a reputed brand when you travel in a foreign location.

  1. Travelling at the Wrong Time

Each holiday destination has a peak time as well as slack time. You should calculate your priority and select the timing. Never travel to any beach destination during the monsoon. Most of the time, you would spend indoors in that way. If you wish to see snowfall in the mountains never go on summer vacation. This is a common mistake often committed by the travellers if not researched properly.

  1. Not Keeping Your Belongings Safe

Some travellers are so excited about the trip that they become careless with their belongings. Never keep any valuables in the zip pocket of your check-in luggage while air travelling. Always keep your valuables like the travel documents and cash in the electronic safe provided by the hotel.

  1. Eating Loads of Spicy Food

If you feel you can digest any local delicacy while you are on a holiday you are surely mistaken. You may end up with stomach upset or viral infections. Trying out local delicacy is a good idea. But keep a tap on the ingredients label.

  1. Not Dressing Appropriately

Every country has some traditions and customs when it comes to dressing up. As a tourist, you are expected to respect them especially if you visit the religious places. Never wear shorts when you visit a temple or mosque especially in Middle East countries. Remove your shoes when you visit a temple in India.

These were some of the common mistakes committed by the first time travellers. Do a bit of research on them so that you can avoid them judiciously.

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