How is Kashmiri chilli powder different from normal chilli powder?

Indian cuisine all over the world is dubbed to be rich in spices, especially in red chilli powder. It is one of the most common things that you will find yourself reaching out for while preparing any dal or curry. Red chilli powder adds a red colour and vibrancy to a dish and delivers the needed heat. Red chilli powder is an essential spice in Indian cuisine. Other than dals and curries, it is added in mocktails, snacks, fritters, rolls, pasta, noodles, soups, and broths.

Normal red chilli powder is predominantly used in Indian households for everyday meals. There is another important variant that often comes up in India while looking for red chilli powder and that is the Kashmiri red chilli powder.

Red chilli powder VS Kashmiri red chilli powder

Red Chilli powder and Kashmiri red chilli powder have a huge difference between them. While normal chilli powder adds colour and a lot of heat, Kashmiri chilli powder is redder and more vibrant but does not pack enough heat. In short, it is a milder chilli powder when compared to normal red chilli powder.

Kashmiri chilli powder is manufactured from a different kind of chillies, Kashmiri chillies, which are more wrinkled and brighter in colour. Red chilli powder is versatile and can be used in a lot of varied dishes. Kashmiri chilli powder is not commonly used in everyday dishes even though it can be, because it is mild. Red chilli powder is made from sun-drying red chillies and crushing them into powder. There are many varieties of chillies found all around India and all have different levels of spice.

How to choose the right chilli powder for your household?

It is important that you buy your red chilli powder from a trusted brand that ensures that the manufacturing takes place cleanly and safely. The chillies need to be cleaned and dried well for them to be safe and flavourful. Look out for powders that do not have artificial colouring to make powders look “hot.” Aashirvaad Red Chilli Powder is one such reliable chilli powder that is safely made and does not contain impurities. It is easily available and made from naturally sundried chillies to give you the perfect heat and colour! This chilli powder is suitable for home and commercial uses in cafes, restaurants etc.

And while buying Kashmiri chilli powder it is vital to make sure the chillies used are from Kashmir and not from other parts of the country.

A few other variants of chilli powder

Other than these two versions, there are two other chilli-powder like powders made from Cayenne pepper and Paprika. These are usually used in North and South America. Cayenne pepper packs a lot of heat and a little goes a long way! Cayenne pepper is usually used in Spanish and Mexican dishes.  Since cayenne pepper is so hot, it can be used in place of red chilli if you’re ever running out! Meanwhile, Paprika comes from bell peppers and is red but very mild when it comes to heat. If you are out of Kashmiri red chilli powder and need a mild spice, Paprika can easily be used in its stead!

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