6 Ways Timex Helix Smart 2.0 can help Improve your Health

Welcome the latest entrant to the world of wearables – the Timex Helix Smart 2.0. This is a stunning and sleek smartwatch with a 1.55 inch full touchscreen display and 24 watch faces (4 built-in and 20 downloadable watch faces) to suit your every mood. The watch comes with snazzy features such as remote camera control and instant notifications to keep you connected. One of main reasons you will want to own the Timex Helix 2.0, though, is its health features. Let’s take a look at some of these –

  • Activity tracker – The Timex Helix Smart 2.0 activity tracker is one of the most advanced you are likely to find in contemporary smartwatches for men and women. Apart from step counters, this amazing smartwatch comes with 10 different sports modes that will help you keep a great record of all the exercises you do and activities you undertake.
  • Heart rate monitor – One of the best features of the Helix Smart 2.0 is its pulse monitor or heart rate monitor. The smartwatch also pairs up with the Helix Smart App from App store or Play store. This allows you to maintain a record of your pulse rate and maintain heart health records.
  • Temperature sensor – With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear that one of the earliest warning signs of a viral or bacterial infection is an elevated body temperature. The inbuilt temperature sensor in Helix Smart 2.0 allows you to keep a check and sounds an alarm when body temperature is elevated.
  • SpO2 sensor – The blood oxygen saturation is one of the important indicators of respiratory health. It is important to monitor SpO2 levels, particularly when exercising or undertaking strenuous activity. Wearing a Helix Smart 2.0 helps record oxygen levels without the need of a pulse oximeter.

  • Sleep tracker – The sleep tracking function of this new Timex smartwatch is a blessing for those who suffer from sleep disorders or other chronic ailments. Sleep is restorative and monitoring sleep often provides us with important health data that can be used by medical professionals to diagnose health issues.
  • Telemedicine feature – One of the top-rated features of the new Timex Helix smartwatch is its telemedicine feature. The watch allows one touch access to doctor consultation and appointment. The online consultation through chat or phone is made through the DocOnline portal. Helix Smart 2.0 comes with a free subscription for the first month.

Looking at the smartwatch’s price in India? Well, this new offering from Timex is amongst the most economically priced smartwatches in India. It also syncs with Google Fit and Apple Health apps making health monitoring possible across various OS environments. The watch is IP68-water & dust resistant and comes in 5 colour variants. It is time you grab your all new Timex Helix Smart 2.0 and set out on your fitness journey.

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