The ultimate battle: Front Load vs Top Load Washers

Over the decades, washing machine technology has improved considerably. If you check for models, you will be surprised with brands, technologies, functions and other aspects. While buying a laveuse, you have to choose between front load and top load options, and in this post, we will talk of the pros and cons of both.

Quick review of top loading machines

Well, top loading machines are inexpensive. If you live in a rental property or are just concerned about the initial cost, this is the best choice by all means. Also, you don’t have to bend down to use the washer, which is also an advantage for people who have back problems. This is also the traditional choice and works well for most homes. As mentioned, the price difference between front load and top load options is huge.

On the flip side, the overall cost of ownership in the long run is huge, and the washer is usually harsher on clothes. The features might not be as elaborate as you would expect. If you can skip these problems, top loading machines are useful and effective, and most of them last for years without any need for repairs.

Quick review of front load machines

With front load washing machines, performance is never a problem. You get a bunch of new technologies with these machines, which is a big advantage. Convenience is also a factor. Most front load washing machines are fully automatic, so you can put your laundry and be done with it. In terms of energy usage, front load ones are more efficient and use reduced amount of water, which will not only save costs but also is big advantage for the environment.  There is limited noise, which makes them ideal for apartments.

On the flip side, front load washers are expensive, and you may have to go beyond your budget to buy one of the decent options.

Other things to note

In case of washing machines, nothing is more important than performance, so check and select the model and brand wisely. Check the online stores, which have more options, and you can easily get incredible assistance for buying too. Compare the features and prices together, so as to understand what may work best for your home. The capacity of the washer is also an aspect you cannot afford to ignore. Check online right away and find your favorite washer brands.

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