Redesigning Your Product Boxes? Follow These Basic Tips!

Once in a while, even the best product packaging must be changed and revamped. Redesigning custom boxes can be a challenge, because it is necessary to consider the product requirements, while adhering to branding elements at the same time. If you need help with custom packaging for small business, we have a few tips on how you can do better with new boxes for your products.

  • Don’t compromise on the size. When the product box is bigger than the product, it adds to the cost of shipping, and you will have to spend more on inner cushion. The concept of ‘the bigger, the better’ doesn’t apply here.

  • Consider a reusable box. If your product is related to beauty, food or similar industries, it is viable to think of a reusable box this time. A reusable box almost feels like a freebie, and there are many notable cases where such kind of packaging has helped in selling more.
  • Always go for minimalism. The best product boxes are not only simple but also well-designed. Minimalism is the key when it comes to customization, and you would want to be sure that the customer wants to retain the box.
  • Use artwork and not a lot of printing. Using artwork on your product boxes is essential, and it might be necessary to place some information. However, do not add more than what’s required, because your customers don’t want to read a book on the package.
  • Sell an unboxing experience. The inner packaging for your product shouldn’t be an afterthought. Make sure that your customer will have a good time opening and using the product, so design the box accordingly.

  • Environment-friendly custom packaging will help your brand. Many companies are switching to green packaging and recyclable materials, and it does make sense in the long run. If you want to go for custom boxes, think of this idea, because even customers are interested in being associated with brands that offer more than just the product.

Final word

Don’t rush the design process and make sure that you partner with a good company that understands and has designed custom packaging for brands within your industry. You can ask for references, check for a few samples, and review their clientele to know more. Also, don’t forget to ask for an estimate in detail, and place the first order of at least a 100 product boxes to know the quality better.

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