Planning To Buy An Engagement Ring? Don’t Miss These Points!

Engagement is all about celebrating commitment, and you can seal the day with a precious ring. Most jewellers and diamond dealers stock different kinds of diamond rings, metal bands and designs meant for engagements and weddings, but before you take the plunge with a diamond, here’s what you must know.

Know your diamond and metal

One of the biggest problems with diamonds is pricing. Unfortunately, a lot of jewellers do overprice their stock, and it is often hard to take a call. With respect to diamonds, there are four major things to note. The first is the cut of the diamond, which is graded on a scale of D to Z. Diamonds that are rated between D and I are completely colourless, but expectedly, a gemstone with colour rating D will cost much more.

Next, you need to check the clarity of the diamond, which refers to the number of blemishes and inclusions, which are naturally found in the stone. However, if these small inclusions are not visible to the naked eye, the diamond is called ‘eye clear’ and can be purchased. Carat refers to the weight/size of the diamond. The concept of ‘the bigger, the better’ doesn’t always apply, because if a big rock has many inclusions or has a pale-yellow colour, it wouldn’t sell at an exorbitant price. Finally, we have the cut, which is by far the most important aspect of the 4Cs. If a diamond has the right cut, most of the colour-related and clarity issues can be minimized.

Finding the right dealer

It is important that you work with a jeweller that you can rely on. For example, Ringleaders is Queensland most awarded jewellery store, and they ensure that customers get all the information that they need. They also like to educate buyers on how they can pick engagement rings. Besides that, you can get loose diamonds and customize the same for your beloved’s engagement ring. Prongs is usually the setting that’s preferred for solitaire ring, while you can go for the halo effect when you want to get a ring that includes a centre solitaire with additional smaller diamonds that create the halo.

Engagement rings should be a reflection of your own choice and love, and you need to consider if your lady will love wearing and adorning it in the first place. Check online now to find more on diamond engagement ring and buy yours now!

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