How To Make Adorable DIY Dog Beds

Making your own dog bed is not only cheap, but also more comfortable for your pet than a store-bought one. You can use no-sew cushions or wood chips to keep stinky odors from ruining your pet’s bed. Dog beds can be quite simple, too – even a no-sew cushion will only require a few minutes of your time. Here are some tips for making the best bed for your pet:

Easy no sew project for dog beds

One way to make an easy no-sew pet bed is to buy a fleece covering. To make a fleece cover for your pet’s bed, gather two pieces of fleece. You can reuse an old fleece blanket or purchase fleece from a craft store. The quantity you need will depend on how big of a bed you plan to make. For stuffing, you can use an old pillow, a piece of clothing, or scraps of fabric.

This buffalo plaid dog bed is easy to make and comes apart for washing. The fleece and pillows are made of fleece and are firm, so they don’t deflate easily. You can wash the buffalo plaid dog bed just by untying one end. This way, you can clean the pillows separately. If you have more than one dog, you can even sew a second one. Once finished, the buffalo plaid dog bed will be a favorite of your pet and you’ll save money on purchasing one.

Wood chips absorb stinky dog odor

If your dog’s bedding stinks, you might want to consider using cedar chips. Not only are they great for absorbing dog odors, they are also a natural deterrent for bugs. Fresh chips last much longer than old ones, so you won’t need to buy them as often. These are the same types of chips you can use to fill your soil composting bin.

Cedar is another option for absorbing stinky dog smells. Cedar chips absorb moisture from the air and can be washed in the washing machine. However, make sure to remove any cedar shavings first, or else they could attract smelly dogs. Cedar chips are not readily available in stores, so you may have to order them online. Cedar beds are also found in many catalogs. You can find cedar filled dog beds online and ask your vet about them.

Raised bed for larger breeds

When shopping for a raised dog bed, it’s best to look for one that can be easily cleaned. Choose a model that’s made of durable materials that will hold up to your pet’s weight, such as durable vinyl or plastic. Raised beds should also be easy to transport and assemble, making them ideal for traveling, camping, and dog shows. Ultimately, the type of bed you choose should meet your dog’s needs and be durable enough to withstand a large dog.

As for the size of the bed, be sure to keep in mind that larger breeds will probably need a larger one. These beds are bigger than they appear, thanks to the incredible amount of stuffing inside the sleeping area. Some owners may find it easier to remove some of the stuffing and leave more space for the dog’s body to rest. But, for larger breeds, this bed will likely prove to be an essential piece of your dog’s bedding system.


While buying a mattress for your dog’s bed, there are many things to look for. The bed should have a firm foundation and a soft surface for your dog to lie on. This mattress should be durable, easy to clean, and padded with a layer of plush material. Many types of dog beds feature zippers and can be washed. There are also options that are machine washable. You may also want to look for a bed that is machine-dryable.

While shopping for a mattress for your dog, keep in mind the type of dog you have. If your dog is extremely thin, a bed that has more give will be better for him. You can find a bed made with a polyester fill instead of traditional foam, which can provide additional cushioning. If you want to find a dog bed that fits your dog’s specific needs, search for terms like orthopedic or overstuffed in the product description. Reading customer reviews on a mattress can help you decide which features are important.


A dog bed made from recycled tires can be an excellent gift for your furry friend. You can use these beds for any breed of dog, including tiny puppies. Simply wash and dry the tire before stuffing it with a soft mattress or stuffing. If you have more than one dog, you can stack several tires to make one large bed. To make several smaller beds, use three tires. Repeat steps for each tire. Once the filling is complete, you’re ready to create a comfy, cozy dog bed for your pup.

You can also paint the pet bed to fit the needs of your pup. Simply measure the inside diameter of the tire and sketch out an outline on a foam surface. Once you’ve done that, you can cut the foam to fit the shape of the tire. Alternatively, you can cut the foam to fit the desired size. If you choose to paint the tire, make sure it’s clean before putting it on the dogs.


You can turn an old dresser into a cozy dog bed by painting the drawer sides. You can also use decorative knobs to dress up the dog bed and add a pillowcase for your pet. These can be machine-washed and can be personalized with your dog’s name and a phrase like “woof.” The dog bed can also serve as a storage area for your dog’s favorite toys.

Old clothes can also be recycled into cozy dog beds. An old sweatshirt can be a great option for a bed. Simply fold it in half or thirds for a larger dog and fill it with a soft and fluffy faux-fur. Then, you can attach belts to the ends and your pup will have a cozy new place to sleep. Make sure the dog bed is stuffed with a thick, fluffy mattress to prevent it from moving around.

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