How Good Are Electromagnetic Pest Control Devices? Find Here!

Dealing with pests and rodents can be a nightmare for homeowners. While you can always call up a pest control service for extreme infestation, keeping pests and rodents away is more important as the first step. With new-age pest control products, you can finally do away with those DIY sprays that make a person look more foolish than anything else. If you check the market for pest control products, you are likely to find a bunch of choices, including the cheap ultrasonic ones. In this post, we will discuss why paying a tad more for the leading electromagnetic pest control device is a good idea and how these products actually work.

How do electromagnetic pest control products work?

Before we compare electromagnetic pest control products with ultrasonic devices, let’s first understand how the former works. Most electromagnetic pest control products work in a similar way, emitting electromagnetic pulse, which works within the coverage area and keeps rats and mice at bay. These products are significantly easy to use – All you need to do is plug-in the device in an electronic socket.

Are electromagnetic products better than ultrasonic devices?

Yes, electromagnetic products do have a few advantages over ultrasonic devices. Firstly, ultrasonic devices work by emitting ultrasonic waves, which can help in keeping rodents away but these only work in the direct line of sight. So, in rooms where you have a lot of furniture, ultrasonic devices will not work, and these are not effective between rooms, one product is required for each room. Technically, if you have a big house, you may need more a considerable number of ultrasonic devices for possible effect. Also, ultrasonic products are not ideal for pets.

With electromagnetic pest control products, you can get away with most of these concerns. These don’t cause any discomfort for pets and keep all sorts of pests, including mice, rats and cockroaches, at bay. Secondly, these work across rooms, so you just need one product for the entire house. There are products that cover up for as much as 4,000 square feet, and yes, the product will remain effective, even with walls and furniture around.

Buying a product

If you are looking for electromagnetic pest control, find a brand that you can rely on. Check if the company offers money-back warranty and check all the relevant product details, such as effectiveness of the device and how to use it for effective pest control.

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