Finding the Right Digital Piano for You

 A grand piano is one of the nicest pieces of entertainment furniture you can have in your home. If you are not lucky enough to inherit an antique piano from your grandparents, you can definitely buy one in a local music store. However, these classic pianos can take up some space in your home, which can be a hassle especially if you have a small living area.

This is why compact pianos are made to cater to these particular users. A digital piano can perform like their bulky counterparts, yet can be stored easily in any area you please. On the contrary, buying one can be a challenging task. Aside from considering your budget, one should also consider the piano’s features as well.

Here are some important tips you should remember in buying a digital or keyboard piano:

  1. Get a full-sized keyboard piano

A standard keyboard piano has an 88-note keyboard – a combination of 52 white keys and 36 black keys. If you play classical piano, a keyboard piano with less than 88 notes can be a waste of money for you. More so, you should buy a piano to play with it, not to have it as a cute but useless display in your room.

  1. Make sure that the keyboard piano keys are of standard width

This way, you can play any piano you lay your hands on – whether it is another keyboard piano or a grand piano. On the contrary, avoid buying those “cute” keyboard pianos which usually have narrower keys, lacks the standard 88-note keys, or both.

  1. Keys similar to a traditional piano

Apparently, this is what manufacturers call as “weighted action”, which makes the player feel as if he or she is playing on a traditional piano. Without that feeling of the so-called “weighted action”, your keyboard piano may feel more like an organ rather than a grand piano.

  1. Choose your keyboard piano features

A lot of keyboard pianos have various features such as extra sound effects. More often than not, these added features may end up not being used at all, if not used a few times. As an amateur pianist, you would love to play piano that sounds like a “real” piano instead of a trumpet, wouldn’t you? Then again, having extra features on your keyboard piano is a personal choice.

  1. Keyboard pedals are important

A grand or traditional piano has pedals, and so should be your ideal keyboard piano. This pedal is called a sustain pedal. This part of a keyboard piano enables a player to play in modern styles.

The above tips should serve as a guide in buying a digital piano. Through the years, pianos have evolved from traditional and bulky ones into more compact pianos with added features and accessories. More so, these pianos are more practical and space-saving than the usual grand pianos. Nonetheless, there should be no discrimination here as to your personal choice of pianos – after all, it’s a matter of personal choice and playing style.


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