Check the Latest Ideas and Trends in Fashion Jewellery

Fashion is all about experimenting with new ideas, and every year, designers and big fashion houses come up with new ideas. In the past couple of years, we have seen some really colourful trends – right from dainty chokers to pompoms and tassels. So, what are the best trends in fashion jewellery at the moment? Below are the ideas you need.

Single earrings

Some of the biggest shows of fall 2017-2018 had single earrings. These are not your delicate studs, but earrings that make an instant impression. You just need one earring that can work as a standalone accessory. This trend also gives enough scope to experiment with the styles you already own, and if you are in mood to buy something new, online stores are your best bet.

Layered chains

Even a few years back, the classic gold chain with a single pendant seemed like the perfect thing to own. Now, it is all about layering the chains, each of which has a pendant or an element of its own. The trend started a couple of years back, and now the idea is everywhere. What’s great about this style is the simplicity. You can wear these layered chains with almost anything.

Tribal and Afghan jewellery

A lot of fashion jewellery available now is about tribal motifs. Also, you may have seen a lot of Afghan earrings out there, often in a wide mix of colours and shades. Tribal motifs from India, Africa and other parts of the globe really ruled the runways in more ways than one, and if you are fond of fashion jewellery, you need to have a few items in stock. Go for the big earrings, which often come in silver or oxidized metals.


If you are someone who likes to wear simple items, pendants should fit your looks perfectly. The best part is the range of designs that are available everywhere. Online stores have some amazing designs in silver jewellery, and it doesn’t have to be pure silver. Sterling silver, something made of leather, or even faux gold chains are great for pendants. You can also go for colourful beads, tassels and pompoms, which are available in any shade you want.

DIY items

A lot of girls are designing their own jewellery using simple old stuff. You can create something as simple as a shell necklace, or else, you can reuse the old earrings and neckpieces to make a unique bracelet. The idea is to create new things that don’t belong to a genre of trends. You will be surprised with the number of things you can make with recycled products. Online stores also have jewellery on sale, so buy a bunch and make your own collection.

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