Best Ideas For Crystal Gifts

Crystal gifts are a great idea for many occasions.  You can get one for almost any holiday, special event, or promotion.  The best thing is that they are customizable and you can have them etched with dates, achievements, family pictures, and even artwork.  Let’s see what some of the best ideas for giving crystalized gifts below.

Crystalized Christmas Ornaments and Decorations – What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a customized crystal ornament for decorating your tree.  You can have a family photo etched onto the crystal with a date and custom message inscribed on it as well.  You can even have several made and sent to family and friends in lieu of the traditional Christmas card for a gift that will last longer and be reusable for many years to come.  If you are celebrating a different holiday during the season, you can have other personalized crystals made that make great table pieces or wall hangings that you can put in your home or share with others.

Custom Crystal Awards and Trophies – Ditch the boring old standard gold trophies and wooden plaques for the newest trend.  You can have customized awards or trophies made out for employee functions or sports events that feature names, achievements, logos, and even pictures.  The recipients will love having something unique to hang around the office or put on the shelf at home.

3D Laser Etched Artwork – You can really make a bold statement in your home with artwork that has been 3D engraved into crystal.  Many customized crystal manufacturers can etch 3D artwork into crystals of various shapes and sizes that you can put on display for an eye-catching accent to your home or office.  You can even get lighted bases that make the image inside the crystal really stand out.  You can select from a wide range of pre-selected designs or create your own.

Custom Etched Photo Crystals for Any Occasion – One of the best gifts you can give is a great and fun moment etched into a long-lasting crystal.  Great for gifts any time of the year, you can give someone a great gift featuring a moment between you and the recipient.  Or share pictures of your children with their grandparents and other family.  You can also have the images engraved or even etched in 3D.

Crystal gifts really are wonderful for any occasion.  The ideas above are only a fraction of what you can do with them as well.  Even more options, such as figurines, keychains, and more are available to be customized.  One thing is certain, this unique style of gift will certainly make a statement and be a great conversation piece!

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