3 Factors to Consider when Buying a Side by Side Helmet

When preparing yourself for your next side by side trip, keep in mind to always carry your helmet with you. We have listed some factors to consider to help you buy the best cote à cote usagé helmet for you.

  1. Type of helmets

A helmet is the most important piece of gear to wear whenever you head out for a trip on your side by side. The pro riders can admit to the fact that no matter how excellent your shocks are, riding a side by side on a trail is always a bumpy experience. When it comes to selecting a helmet, always go with the one that protects your entire face, hence always eliminate the half helmets by all means. They will not protect your face fully. If you find any ¾ helmets, eliminate them as well, they will not protect your face the way you want them to as your chin will be exposed if you bucked forward. You can go with a dual sport helmet with a set of goggles or a full face helmet to ensure that your skull, eyes, and chin are protected by all means.

  1. The helmet must fit you perfectly

No matter what helmet style you choose, ensure to choose the one that fits you perfectly. We advise you to never by helmets online as you won’t be able to try them on and guess the perfect size for you. A perfectly fit helmet must always fit snuggly, not tightly as you have to move your head freely without shifting your helmet. When putting on a helmet, tighten all the straps, bucks all snaps and never just choose a helmet because of its color. Put the helmet on your head, move around to wobble it and ensure that you are trusting your life with this piece of equipment.

  1. Always replace the helmet upon impact

To ensure the longevity of the helmet, always replace it right after it has faced a significant impact. If you have dropped it onto the pavement, it can damage the internal build of the helmet and can make it useless. When the internal layer is not messed with, it can absorb greatest blows of energy and when after it is cracked, it is merely a thin layer of foam. Replace your helmets after they have been impacted so that you can be protected by all means when out on a ride.

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